These are, as always, gluten and refined sugar free. They also happen to be tree nut and soy free, but are not paleo due to the gluten free flour used. I suspect you could use coconut flour blend with these successfully considering how moist they are, but have no tried that yet. 

I am currently packing to move from Seattle to northern Delaware/Philly burbs. Literally from one side of the country to the other. It’s an insanely long trip and I don’t plan on taking any food items along for the ride. So, while cleaning out the cupboards this morning I found some containers of organic pumpkin puree that I couldn’t part with. 

Finding a gluten free vegan pumpkin something-or-other recipe was fairly difficult, especially considering I don’t currently have any proper egg replacers in my mostly packed away kitchen. I eventually came upon this recipe for pumpkin cookies that looked like a good start. 

I used pure maple syrup instead of any sweeteners, eliminated the orange flavoring and nuts, added chocolate chunks and baked in a mini muffin pan for about 12 minutes. 

The whole thing worked out quite perfectly and now I don’t have to say goodbye to all that pumpkin!


These are vegan, refined sugar free (almost completely natural sugar free as well!) gluten free, and grain free. 

I have been on a quest for a while now to find a quick snack that is delicious but also nearly sugar free and completely grain free…which is obviously a tall order. I found this recipe for chocolate chip cookies and decided to make some modifications and see how it turned out.

Well, they are perfect. 

I used 2 tablespoons of unsweetened applesauce instead of maple syrup and instead of 1/2 a cup of chocolate chips I crushed up about 1/4 of an “extra dark” organic chocolate bar. It’s just enough chocolate to feel like a “dessert” without adding a bunch of sugar and making it too sweet. 

These really are the perfect grain free snack without any of the usual junk involved. 



I have been neglecting this blog lately and this makes me sad. It’s not that I have not been eating, but I seem to have fallen into a food routine. My grocery store list has remained exactly the same for weeks and weeks. While there is nothing wrong with this exactly, and certainly helps a lot when super busy, it’s also sort of bleh after a bit. 

I decided to get back to trying new recipes and immediately went to my “go-to” blog for paleo treats: Elana’s Pantry. I found this recipe for chocolate chip cookies that I already had the ingredients for and threw it together. 

These were especially easy, and like with all her recipes, very few ingredients. I don’t generally love using nut flours, as I try to stick to allergy friendly baking as much as possible, but these seem like the perfect occasional treat for those able to tolerate nuts and dairy.

I used maple syrup instead of honey and would definitely recommend using two cookie sheets; it makes a lot and they flatten quite a bit. 


Defrosted frozen slices of this tonight and it was perfect!


Whoa. Seriously. I generally do not like to call anything “allergy free”, as someone can be allergic to anything, but this is as close to it as I have come across. 

This pumpkin pie was fun to make and has a lot of flavor, which one may not expect with all the “free”s in the title. The crust is a completely genius combination of dates and ginger. I used this beef gelatin for the filling. image







I love almonds. Almonds do not love me back. I love coconuts. Coconuts do not love me back. I love dairy. Dairy hates me. This leaves me with no milk options for the most part. While I don’t really miss it too much, sometimes it’s nice to get really scandalous and add something to my usual cup of black coffee.

I decided to try using this almond milk recipe with cashews instead and no sweeteners. The result was the best tasting milk alternative I have had. Cashews produce a much creamer milk than almonds, making it a much better option for coffee, for example. 


I never consider something easy when I have to use the food processor. It is such a pain to clean that the whole thing makes me incredibly pouty. So, these were not overly easy, but they weren’t too difficult.

A suitable cookie recipe is a very tricky thing to come across in this house given all the allergies. When I saw this recipe from The Paleo Mom (obsessed with her) I was so excited, and somewhat skeptical. I mean, how? No eggs, no dairy, no gluten. None of the things that make a traditional cookie taste so good. 

But, she has never let me down before so I decided to give them a try and was glad I did. It’s without a doubt a lot (a lot) of chocolate, so I ended up putting most of them in the freezer. 

I had to bake mine for an additional 5 minutes. I’m not sure why, but I’ve learned not to ask questions with gluten free baking, as it’s notorious for inconsistencies.

There is an entire plantain in the cookie mix. It is not entirely undetectable, so if you hate plantains this probably isn’t the cookie for you.

Anyway, enjoy! 

This is the perfect Sunday dinner. It’s really easy to make and doesn’t take too long to cook. 

I couldn’t find any paleo pork tenderloin recipes that were not super high maintenance. I wasn’t in the mood to marinate for 24 hours or to go back to the store for fancy pants ingredients. I ended up sort of throwing this together and it worked out amazingly. This will definitely be a weekly dinner in the house. 

Preheat oven at 350°F. Place pork in baking dish. Coat with olive oil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, garlic powder, and onion powder. A lot. I then added about 4 cubes of frozen bone broth to the pan as well. Bake uncovered for 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Perfectly moist and tender. 

Enjoy! image

Made green with avocado! 

These were very easy and a perfect holiday treat without refined sugar or dairy. 

I made the mistake of letting these sit in the freezer overnight before cutting them up and it made the whole thing much more difficult. I was able to keep my fingers, but ultimately suggest cutting these up after about half an hour of initial freezer time.

Also, adding a bit more peppermint extract than the recipe calls for would not be a bad thing.


I get pretty tired of my usual veggie rotation. I mean, I love them, but I eat a veggie for every meal and even snacks. I wanted to try something new, but at the same time I want to do almost no work. Is that so much to ask? I had never had green cauliflower before but when I saw it the other day I had to get it. Look at it!

This is so easy and surprisingly delicious. It’s like cauliflower, but much better somehow. Definitely one of my new top three favorite veggie sides. Clean and chop 1 head of green cauliflower, add to pan with olive oil, water, and sea salt. Cover and cook until tender. 





With only four ingredients! Well, there are five in the recipe from Elana’s Pantry but I eliminated honey. I try not to use sweeteners, even natural “paleo approved” ones, whenever possible. 

These were incredibly easy to make and bake quickly. They would be a bit bland on their own but are perfect with jam or nut butters. OR, for you lucky ducks that can tolerate dairy, ghee would take these to an entirely different level of delicious. 

I also suspect they freeze well and will be giving it a try.